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The GIN Wide Open is first and foremost a fun paragliding event.  It’s less about flying the latest hot-ships and more about achievable tasks for cross country pilots flying EN-B and EN-C wings.  It’s less about winning and more about fun flying in a stress-free and supportive environment.

The venue for 2017 is Kruševo, Macedonia.  Registration will open on January 29th 2017 at 14:00 CET (13:00 UK time, 14:00 Central Europe)


But wait. For 2017 there is more!

The Naviter Open. Take your flying to the next level!

The GIN Wide Open is now in its 5th year and has become the most popular paragliding competition in the world!  Pilots love the fun and friendly atmosphere, the in-depth daily briefings and the easy access to some of the best pilots in the world.  Whilst some pilots have found the GIN Wide Open to be the perfect springboard into competition flying, others see it as the ideal environment in which to improve their XC skills or simply enjoy flying in an international friendly setting where the flying and social experience counts for much more than the results.

Why a NEW competition?
The GIN Wide Open has become SO popular that for every pilot that we accept, we’re turning several away.  By creating an additional competition we hope to give you a better chance of grabbing one of the much sought-after places. The Naviter Open is a competition in its own right, but will share many philosophies with the GIN Wide Open.

You can enter just one, or enter both. Your choice!

Status - FAI Cat2
Places - 120 pilots (+ team pilots)
Location - Macedonia
Rules - <click here>
Waypoints - On registration
Cost - 270 Euro

3D map

Yet again, the organisers of the GIN Wide Open are pleased to announce a continuing partnership with GIN Gliders, Naviter, Passion Paragliding, xTc paragliding, XC Magazine, Livetrack24.

Prizes for 2017 include a FREE GIN wing. FREE GIN harness. FREE GIN reserve. Naviter flight instruments, a subscription to SeeYou for EVERY competitor, TWO FREE paragliding holidays, electronic subscriptions to XC Magazine and many more prizes all up for grabs.

The GIN Wide Open
The Naviter Open is the sister event of the GIN Wide Open


General Info


Registration is open

Registration for the GIN Wide Open 2017 has begun!

The venue for 2017 is Krushevo, Macedonia, with HQ being at the Hotel Montana Palace. A great location central to the entire event.

Dates are 5 - 12 August 2017


Sponsors and prizes

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors for the 2017 GWO

Gin Gliders
Naviter (Oudie & Seeyou)
Cross Country Magazine
UK Airsports
xTc Paragliding
Passion Paragliding

Yet again, we have a huge selection of prizes to give at this years events including new paragliders, harnesses, instruments, holidays and much more!

Please take a moment visit the websites of our sponsors. <click here>


What is the GIN Wide Open?

The GIN Wide Open is more than just a paragliding competition. It's an Event. It includes all the following and more:

FAI Competition
Talks from experts
Task briefings & debriefings
Prizes galore
Achievable XC
Top pilots flying with you
Lots of coaching & tips
Fun Fun Fun


Update your details

For all registered pilots, you can log into your account anytime to update your details.

Simple use the link provided in your registration email to access your account.

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