Here are details of the GWO event, and other events organised by the GWO team, past and present.

The GIN Wide Open is the original competition, started by Brett Janaway, of xTc Paragliding, and some friends. For 2020 it will again be back in Ager, Spain, although Brett has now passed the reins of organising on.

You will find full details of the event, and how to register, <HERE>

Naviter Open

The Naviter Open is a great alternative. The Naviter Open was originaly based on the concepts of the GWO, but taking it to the next level.....

To participate in the 2020 event, to be held in Tolmin, Slovenia in mid June, then <CLICK HERE>


The FlyFurther is for pilots who want to dramatically improve their XC flying skills.  Our highly experienced team of World Class guides will be flying with you to analyse your skills, coach and encourage you to “Fly further”

This is a small event with places limited to just 40 participants.  This is to ensure that you get plenty of personal attention. This event is for you if you are serious about improving their XC skills, but also looking for a friendly and relaxed environment in which to fly.

To participate in the next event then <CLICK HERE>, although at present there is no 2020 event confirmed.